We got it all here in Subic Bay Freeport...

From land, water and airsports... nature trecks and historical sites... learning facilities to industrial sites.

This is the best place for family bonding, company outings, team-building activities, conferences, sports competitions, and more...

Dare to do something uncommon!

Experience a new high and rediscover the might of your mind pitted against the implacable power of nature. See something new and store up treasures of memories with your family and friends as you find the true meaning of adventure!
You'll never run out of things to do!

Start the day reminiscing scraps of history like the hundred and six year old Spanish gate, the Tappan Park, the anti-aircraft battery bunkers at Grande Island, the 394-feet above sea level secret helipad of the Americans (Hill 394) during Vietnam War, and much much more.

We have enviable dive spots blessed with corals and shipwrecks. The Bay is best for cruising, jetskiing, parasailing, canoeing, fishing and yachting. Or simply explore the fascinating world of sea mammals in Subic's marine exploratorium.

Make the most of your stay. Jog, play tennis or enjoy a round of golf. Or spend part of your day toning your muscles in our fully-equipped gym, swimming pools, basketball courts, go-kart and car race tracks, shooting range, skating rink, a mini-golf course, equestrian center, and more. End the day with a tempting nightlife. We have videoke bars, cosmic bowling, casinos, billiard halls and video arcades.

Rediscover Subic's wildlife

In the forests are to be found distinctive species of birds, bats, monkeys motley butterflies and insects, and more. Fifteen percent of the bird species in Luzon (equivalent to ten percent of the total bird species in the country) are found in the Subic forest.

The friendly Philippine long-tailed Macaque (Macaca Facicularis) commonly known as monkey is found even along the roadsides. Monitor lizards, snakes, birds of prey, jungle fowl and signs of wild boar foraging, are common at the forest fringe. There are 27 endemic vertebrates. An approximately 10,000 individual fruit bat colony and herd of feral water buffaloes also live within the Subic Forest Watershed Reserve (SFWR).

Subic's Pamulaklakin Forest Trails, Apaliin Trail, Triboa Bay Mangrove Park and Jungle Environmental and Survival Training (JEST) Camp are perfect jump off points for trekkers and campers in search of adventure.